Eating out – Fethiye fish market

A trip to the Fethiye fish market is definitely one of the must-do experiences. Located close to the city centre, not too far away from the harbour, the fish market is a place where you can find any kind of freshly caught fish and seafood you can think of. The whole magic of the place lies in the fact that around the fish market stalls there are numerous restaurants which will prepare the fish for you for a small charge. All you need to do is choose a restaurant you want to dine in, select the fish and tell the fishmonger which place you will be sitting in; they then clean and bring the fish to the restaurant, and the chef will cook it for you. Simple but genius! And, hmmmm, delicious! Some restaurants offer to pick the fish up for you, but I think buying and haggling for your own fish adds up to the whole eating out experience. If you’re a fish and seafood lover, this is the place to go!

Fethiye fish market

Fethiye fish market – fishmongers are very tourist oriented and they all speak at least basic English

The price of fish varies – for 2 small seabass we paid TL25, but different variety of seabass could cost as much as TL50/kilo. For 1 kilo of white shrimp you’d expect to pay TL25, and a kilo of calamares cost TL35. The choice is enormous, and we took a little while to decide what to go for.

We decided to sit in Recep’s Place – and it was a good choice, however, I’m not able to compare the place with other restaurants as we only went to the fish market once. Recep’s Place is recommended in Lonely Planet, and since we were too hungry to look around for other place we just went to eat there. As you can see in the picture below, the restaurant was completely empty when we arrived, and only after a while more tourists came in. I imagine though that in the peak season all of the restaurants in the fish market are very busy.

Recep's Place restaurant

Fethiye fish market – Recep’s Place, a small and lovely restaurant which will cook your fresh fish for TL6

We paid TL6 for the fish to be grilled, and it came with a fresh salad, crusty bread, garlic butter and fish sauce. The place served also their own food with a selection of meze platters and non-seafood dishes.

Fish meal

Fethiye fish market – grilled seabass served with fresh salad, crusty bread, garlic butter and fish sauce

How to get to Fethiye fish market?

Even though the place is located relatively centrally in Fethiye, it is well hidden between streets off the main street and we had to use map a couple of times to get there.

If you arrive from Calis Beach by a water taxi, walk towards the main street called Ataturk Cd (Ataturk St), and take a turn right into Belediye Cd. Walk down the street and let you nose guide you to the fish market.

If you arrive from Oludeniz or Hisaronu, you can get off near the otogar, and take another dolmus that will get you to the city centre. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell which dolmus stop to use.

As a reference, on the map below:

A is the Fethiye fish market
B is the bus station (otogar)
C is the bus stop for dolmuses arriving from Oludeniz and Hisaronu
D is the Fethiye harbour area and water taxi stop

Attached to the fish market is veg and fruit market with different kinds of fresh and aromatic vegetables and fruit, and a short stroll there is a pleasant and relaxing experience.

**** all prices quoted were valid for Sept 2012. *****


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