How to get to Fethiye?


After a wonderful and relaxing day and night in Kas we packed up in the morning and headed to the bus station in Kas to catch a bus to Fethiye. There, we needed to get to our hotel in Calis Beach, where we would stay for 4 more nights.

*** all prices quoted below were valid in Sept 2012 ***

How to get  to Fethiye from Kas?

The bus station in Kas is in the northern part of the town, about 5-10 min walk from the marina. Buses to Fethiye are fairly frequent, cost up to TL15 and take about 2½ hrs. The route is coastal, and you can admire some beautiful views through the window.

There are 3 companies you can travel with from Kas to Fethiye:

• Kamil Koc:

According to Kamil Koc website there is one bus that leaves Kas at 18.30hrs and arrives in Fethiye at 21.00hrs. The website is in Turkish but you’ll be able to make sense of it if you switch Google translator on.

• Pamukkale:
09:45 (Kas to Izmir, the bus stops in Fethiye)
18.31 (overnight bus from Kas to Istanbul, the bus stops in Fethiye)
21.45 (overnight bus from Kas to Izmir, the bus stops in Fethiye)

On Pamukkale website, you can find 3 long distance coaches that stop in Fethiye on their way to Istanbul or Izmir. You can book tickets online as well, though you need to get Google to translate the page because the website doesn’t have English version. It seems to me that travelling with Kamil Koc and Pamukkale will be more comfortable than travelling in the usual bus, as they operate routes of 12-15 hours long, therefore they really need to offer comfort for such long distance trips.

• Bati Antalya – see picture below for departure times

We took one of Bati Antalya’s buses that costed TL15 and took about 2½ hrs to arrive in Fethiye. There was no stop to break the journey, but the bus was comfortable enough, had air con and relatively good space for your legs, so the journey was not as tiring as the one from Antalya to Kas. We bought the tickets in a small ticket office in the bus station before boarding the bus. You can see the picture of the bus below – the one we took to Fethiye is in the left corner.

Kas-Fethiye timetable

Bati Antalya: bus times from Kas to Fethiye; the sign reads Fethiye departure times

bus station in Kas

Otogar in Kas – on the left: bus to Fethiye

How to get to Fethiye from Antalya ?

If you want to get from Antalya to Fethiye, you need to expect a long journey. All buses leave Antalya’s main bus station which is located about 3 km north of the city centre. Read a separate post of how to get from Antalya’s old town to Antalya’s otogar.

Bati Antalya offers two routes: coastal and inland.

Coastal route takes 7½ hrs and costs TL30; you can see departure times on their website. The inconveniences of long journey time are made up by nice views of Mediterranean sea from one side, and dramatic mountain ranges from the other. Still, I suggest avoiding coastal route because riding for 7 hours through serpentine roads is no fun.

Inland route is shorter, taking 4 hrs and costing TL20, and the timetable can also be checked on Bati Antalya website. As you can see, the bus continues on to Marmaris through Dalaman. Kamil Koc and Pamukkale also offer buses to Fethiye throughout day, and they all take inland route of 3½ – 4 hrs. You can check timetables and book tickets online following above links,though, again, both websites are in Turkish and you need to switch on Google website translator if Turkish is not your language.

How to get to Fethiye from Dalaman airport?

Dalaman aiport is situated 50km from Fethiye, and, apart from standard expensive options, like taxi or private transfer, you can use Havas Buses shuttle service which can take you from the airport to Fethiye or Marmaris. The bus leaves outside of domestic terminal, takes about 1hr and costs TL10 for a fare to Fethiye. At the time of writing this post I am awaiting Havas confirmation of bus times, and will update once I receive it.

* Update from Havas Buses: the only thing that Havas confirmed via email is that the shuttle bus leaves Dalaman airport for Fethiye after every domestic flight, so if you are planning to use the bus visit airport’s website and check what time domestic flights are arriving in Dalaman.


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