Kaş – overview

If you look for quiet and relaxing holidays in a sweet little Turkish town, then Kas should be your first choice. Located in between Dalaman and Antalya, Kas can be reached by bus or car from both places. Because the village’s location is fairly distant (it takes about 4 hrs to get from Antalya to Kas), it only attracts those tourists who go to Turkey to taste the real atmosphere of a different culture and country; for all of those who only need sun and all inclusive blessings abroad, resorts in close proximity to Antalya or Dalaman have an extensive offer.

marina in Kas

What mostly attracted me to the town is the  fact that it had a wonderful atmosphere of summer laziness; in Kas the term ‘rush’ doesn’t seem to exist, local life goes slowly and is determined by the cycle of the sun and time of the day. Kas is still a genuine Turkish place that hasn’t experienced the relatively recent trend of coastal commercialisation and expansion of package holiday resorts. Accommodation offered in the centre of Kas mainly comprises of family run hotels and pensions; hotel owners don’t advertise on low cost holidays websites (e.g. otbeach.co.uk), and it’s difficult to find accommodation in the offers of more high end travel companies. You can either book through generic accommodation websites, like booking.com, or find accommodation in local directories and book directly with the owners via phone or email. This only confirms that Kas aims to stay away from mass tourism to preserve its charm and authenticity, so nonexistent in holiday destinations like Marmaris or Olu Deniz.

alley in Kas

Saying that, Kas is still a very popular tourist destination, but I would imagine it caters for wealthier holidaymakers, as accommodation prices are much higher than in other Turkish resorts. This of course comes from the fact that the town doesn’t allow mass development, but if you plan your holidays in Kas, you can expect to pay a bit more for accommodation and restaurants. For example, for a fairly simple b&b, found on booking.com, we paid €35 per room per night (booked 1 month in advance); the same standard and conditions would cost us about €15 – €20 per room per night in the resorts nearby Antalya, Dalaman or Bodrum, booked through otbeach.co.uk or other websites offering cheap holidays abroad. This, of course, would mean having to put up with loud tourists in numerous discos with foam parties and happy hours promos, but if you’re on a budget then you somehow need to compromise.

mosque in Kas

The same applies to restaurants: Kas has some lovely places to eat, but in addition to spectacular views they have, they come with spectacular prices as well. A visit to a good restaurant recommended in a good travel guide will not break the bank, though, comparing to other places on the coast, it will be more expensive. Bear in mind as well that once a restaurant is featured in a travel guide, the prices automatically increase so you might be disappointed when you see that the prices on the menu doubled since you last checked them in your travel guide. The best approach is to stay away from touristy restaurants and find places where locals eat, as these usually allow for experiencing unknown culinary delights.

*** Please read my account of how to get from Antalya to Kas, and my review of Ates Pension. ****


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