Ates Pension, Kaş

Ates Pension terrace

Ates Pension terrace

Ates Pension – Yeni Cami Cad No: 3,  Kas (booked through

Ates Pension was a perfect choice of accommodation in Kas. We spent only one night there, but really wished he had booked more. Kas altogether is probably one of the loveliest places to visit on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and Ates Pension was complimenting the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere of this small town.

Ates Pension is run by a very friendly and helpful Turkish couple – the owner has his kayaking company so he could help organise kayaking trips to nearby places; I’m sure he’d also be able to recommend other activities and tourist companies in Kas.

The main advantage of the place is definitely price as well as location with terrace views to die for. You can read below my subjective opinion of the place.

Ates Pension: location

Located on a hill in the western part of the town, Ates Pension overlooks Kas, the harbour and nearby mountains. As Kas is a small town, it only takes 5 mins to get to the main square and marina. A few steps away from Ates Pension is a Hellenistic theatre, though don’t expect to see a fine example of an ancient architecture –   it is a collection of old stones with lots of concrete that prevent them from falling into pieces.

If you arrive in Kas by bus it will take you no more than 10 mins to walk from the otogar to Ates Pension. On the map below the otogar is marked as A, and Ates Pension as B.

**Please note that each map gives different location for Ates Pension – on google maps, the pension is located on Yeni Cami Cad (New Mosque St), on Ates Pension is located on Amfitiyatro Sokak (Amphitheatre St), which is also the location for the pension in the latest edition of Lonely Planet. Officially, Ates  Pension claims to be located on Yeni Cami Cad (as advised on official leaflet taken from the pension), though in reality it is in the middle – on Recep Bilgin Sk – don’t ask me why it’s so confusing, but you want to look for Ates Pension in the location as marked in the map below.

You may want to reconsider Ates Pension if you’re not a great sleeper and any noise wakes you up at night – the place is located a few steps away from a mosque, so you can expect a 5 am rise to the sound of the call to prayer. I would imagine this can happen anywhere in Kas, because it’s a small town, and each mosque has speakers facing 4 different directions to make sure the call to prayer can be heard everywhere. Nearby Çukurbağ peninsula looks like a place designed for tourists only, so it’s possible there are no mosques there.

Ates Pension: private beach and swimming pool

If you stay at Ates Pension, you can swim and use sun beds at a private Leymona beach at Leymona Restaurant. It’s a 2 min walk down the hill from the pension. You just enter the restaurant and say that you stay in Ates Pension and they let you go through. To call it a beach is a bit of an exaggeration, as there’s no sand at all – Leymona is literally rocks only, so really not too impressive. The sea bed is rocky too so be careful not to cut your skin when walking or swimming next to rocks. On the other hand, there’s really no place to swim or sun bathe in Kas (apart from some distant beaches you need to get water taxi to), so I guess Leymona beach is better than nothing. The good thing is that you can use the sun beds and relax with a colourful drink in your hand, served to you by waiters from the restaurant.

Ates Pension guests can also use swimming pool at nearby Hideway Inn, though, looking at pictures, it looks small and not really worth the hassle.

map of Kas

map of Kas with nearby Leymona Beach

Ates Pension: rooms

We booked a double bedroom with breakfast on and it costed €35 per room per night. You can also pay in Turkish lira, though the price will depend on the currency prices.

When we arrived it came out there was no free double bedrooms left,  so the owner accommodated us in a superb family room, which had 4 beds, lots of space, and a lovely balcony with grapevines. I have nothing bad to say about the cleanliness of the room or bathroom – both nice and clean, really nothing to complain about. The only weak point of the place would be that it’s a bit old, so it could do with some upgrading but it won’t bother you if you only want a room to sleep. With such spectacular views that Ates Pension has from the terrace, you will be most likely to be spending your free time there, rather than in your bedroom.

Ates Pension: terrace and breakfast

The terrace at Ates Pension is what draws many people to stay there: it has breath-taking 280° view of the town, the harbour and the mountains. This is also where the breakfast is served every day, and where you can chill out all day and all night long, with, snacks and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) sold here as well. You can also hire shisha for TL10.

The breakfast at Ates Pension was a very positive surprise, because, considering the price of b&b, it was diversified and in abundance. Apart from Traditional Turkish breakfast products, you could have cornflakes and fruit. All fresh and tasty.


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