Antalya – Kaş

How to get from Antalya to Kas ?

There is a convenient connection between Antalya and Kas, with frequent departures from Antalya’s otogar (bus station). Read my separate post about how to get from the old town (Kaleici) to the otogar.

The route is operated by a company called Bati Antalya, and according to their online schedule (which you can find here), the buses depart every 30-40 mins between 5.45 am and 8 pm. The journey takes about 4 hrs, takes the picturesque coastal route, and will cost you TL20. There is one stop to break the journey, and you will be able to grab something to eat and drink at a small eatery on the car park.

The journey is a bit of a mixture of a coastal and inland route. The bus goes through the following cities, therefore do not expect to have the seaside views through the window at all times:

The bus station in Kas is located in the north part of the town and it takes only a few minutes down the hill to arrive at the main square.

The bus itself was really a mini bus, so not too comfy for such a long journey. It had air conditioning, which, altogether with the stop, and spectacular views of the coast, made the journey bearable. You can see the minibus I travelled in in the far centre of the picture. The bus on the left is the one that took me to Fethiye.

bus station in Kas

Otogar in Kaş – on the left: bigger bus, in the far centre: minibus from Antalya to Kaş


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