Sun Rise Hotel, Antalya

roof terrace

Sun Rise Hotel – spectacular roof terrace views

Sun Rise Hotel  – Tuzcular Mescit Sk. No:11 Kaleiçi , Antalya (booked through )

For only one night, Sun Rise Hotel was perfect. It was very cheap, costing £20/TL60 per double bedroom with private bathroom and breakfast included. It’s not a luxurious place and you see that the minute you step into the reception, but if you’re on a budget travel, and use your hotel as a one night sleeping place only, then I guess you won’t have problems going on compromises. The good thing about Sun Rise Hotel is that it’s located in the heart of Kaleici (old town), and it is very convenient to get from there to the otogar to catch bus elsewhere. The old town district itself is lovely, and even if you stay in Antalya only a short while, it’s better to find accommodation in Kaleiçi than in the more touristy Konyaalti beach, which also seems far away to get to.

If you’re interested in how the hotel looked like inside, take a look at the pictures below. The bedroom was small but pretty clean though the bathroom didn’t impress at all when it comes to cleanliness. There was air conditioning in the room and a small balcony as well, which was a nice addition in case you wanted to have a cigarette or a beer outside. We ended up sleeping with the balcony door open, as the air con was right next to our bed and we would freeze with it on all night. Bear in mind that the hotel is right next to a mosque and, believe it or not, you will be woken up by the call to prayer at dawn. If you want to stay in Antalya more than one night and have a peaceful sleep, you might want to reconsider location.

As for the breakfast, it is served on a roof terrace with spectacular views of the harbour and nearby mountains. What you see really makes up for the inconveniences of your early wake up. Breakfast itself is traditional but fairly simple, and consists of bread, slices of cucumber and tomatoes, olives, boiled egg, cheese, marmalade and tea or coffee. All complimented with a smile and kind words from the owner’s wife, who serves the breakfast.

*** Altogether, Sun Rise Hotel is good if you only want to use it to sleep and not spend too much time in. It’s very convenient for location, though, being situated right next to a mosque, you will have early morning rise every day there. It has amazing views from the roof terrace and itself is situated in a charming old town of Antalya with lots of Roman remaining, bazaars and lovely cafes and tea rooms.  ***


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