Backpacking in Turkey

map of Turkey

10 days, 740 miles; image source:

Backpacking in Turkey – why Turkey? The answer is every simple – it is a huge country, so it offers a variety of things to see and do. Turkey is all about extraordinary history, rich culture, fantastic cuisine, amazing landscapes and kind and welcoming people. And it’s also cheap, so you can easily visit many places and spend some quality time paying in Turkish Lira (TL) and not breaking the bank. But one of the most appealing arguments is the fact that in Turkey you can relax on the beach, discover ancient cities and remains, take up a variety of sports (e.g. diving, sea kayaking or paragliding) and finish the holidays off with exciting city break in Istanbul. This perfect mixture easily convinced us to spend this year’s holidays there.

And so we booked an outbound flight from Glasgow to Antalya (the flight price was the reason for choosing Antalya specifically) and return flight from Istanbul to London. We had 10 days in between flights and decided to take the following route on the way to Istanbul:

Day 1: Antalya

Day 2: Kaş

Days 3 – 7: Fethiye (accomodation in Calis Beach, 6 miles from Fethiye)

Days 7 – 10:  Istanbul

Day 10: London  

We could of course include all time favourite Turkish attractions like Cappadocia orPamukkale – as these two places are easily reachable by bus from the south-west where we stayed – though it would mean activities-packed holidays and no time for rest and laziness, so we stuck to the original plan.


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